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Hoffman Estates Divorce Attorney

Hoffman Estates divorce lawyer for spousal maintenance and parenting time

Lawyer for Property Division, Child Custody, and Alimony in Hoffman Estates

If you are going through a divorce, you might feel lost and hopeless. However, an experienced lawyer can help make the process much smoother for you. A. Traub & Associates' family law attorneys will be with you every step of the way during your divorce, and we are ready to provide you with compassionate and dedicated representation. We will help identify any legal issues that may affect you, and we will work together with you to find a resolution that benefits you – all while making sure your rights are protected.

Experienced Legal Representation During Your Divorce

Though every divorce is different, there are various concerns that all couples must address before they can officially end their marriage. Our lawyers can help with the following issues during divorce proceedings:

  • Spousal support - Depending on the income earned by you and your spouse, your family's finances, and other issues, you may be unsure about whether you will be able to receive spousal support from your partner or whether you will be required to pay ongoing maintenance. We can help you determine whether this will be an issue in your divorce, and if so, we can make sure the guidelines in Illinois law are followed correctly when calculating the amount of support payments and the duration they will last.
  • Property division - We can help you determine what is considered marital property or separate property. Once you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your marriage, we can assist in reaching an agreement on how to best divide assets and debts between you and your spouse.
  • Child support - Parents who are divorced or separated have the responsibility to financially provide for their children. We can help ensure that your child support payments will be accurately calculated based on the income of both parents, and we can help you address issues relating to college expenses for your children, as well as medical care costs, childcare expenses, and payments related to children's extracurricular activities.
  • Parenting time - With our help, you and your ex can work together to establish a parenting agreement and parenting time schedule that covers day-to-day activities, vacations, and holidays.
  • Allocation of parental responsibility - Different areas of responsibility for your children may be shared between you and the other parent, or one of you may have primary decision-making authority in certain areas. We can assist you in addressing these issues in your parenting plan.
  • High income divorce - If you or your ex earn a high income, we can help determine how this may play a role in decisions related to spousal support, child support, and asset and debt division.
  • High asset divorce - With our assistance, you can gain a full understanding of the legal issues and tax implications associated with the division of valuable assets like real estate property, retirement plans, and family businesses.
  • Mental health and substance abuse issues - If either spouse is battling mental illness or addiction to alcohol or drugs, this can raise a number of concerns during divorce proceedings, and it may affect decisions in issues such as child custody and spousal support. Our experienced attorneys help you address these issues during your divorce, and if necessary, we can help you get an order of protection in response to instances of domestic violence or other safety concerns.
  • Post-divorce modifications - If you or your former spouse has a major change in circumstances after your divorce is final, such as if one of you plans to relocate with your children, we can assist you with filing (or responding to) a petition to modify your divorce decree.

Contact a Hoffman Estates Divorce Attorney

If you are looking for help to resolve disputes with your spouse during your divorce, look no further than A. Traub & Associates. We can assist you in negotiating with your spouse's attorney or creating a settlement through mediation, and if necessary, we will advocate on your behalf in court. Our ultimate goal is to help you reach a resolution that protects your rights while also ensuring that you and your children will be able to move forward successfully. Give us a call today at 630-426-0196 or contact us online to arrange a confidential consultation.

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