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Schaumburg Child Representative and Parenting Coordinator Attorney

Illinois child parenting coordinator and child representative lawyer

Lawyers Representing Children and Assisting With Child Custody in Schaumburg Divorce Cases

Parents who are either married and divorcing or unmarried and no longer in a relationship may become involved in disputes related to the custody of their children. These disagreements have the potential to be very heated, and when the parents are unable to come to agreements about how parenting time will be divided or how parental responsibilities will be allocated, they may need to resolve these matters in the courtroom.

When a judge is required to make decisions about child-related issues, but they have insufficient information about the facts of the case, they may appoint different types of experts to provide the necessary assistance. These experts may be tasked with advocating for the children's best interests, assisting with dispute resolution, or offering suggestions for solutions that may be put in place.

At A. Traub & Associates, our lawyers have extensive experience handling family law issues involving children. We provide representation for parents in divorce and child custody cases, and we are also frequently appointed as Guardians ad Litem and Child Representatives. Our founder, Angel Traub, has also received certification to serve as a Parenting Coordinator. We have the experience and knowledge to help with child custody issues, and we always focus on protecting children's best interests.

GALs and Child Representatives

A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) or Child Representative may be appointed in a family law case. This person is an attorney that is charged with representing and advocating for the children instead of the parents. They will compile evidence related to the case by talking to parents and kids, visiting the homes where parents are or will be living, reviewing medical records for parents or children, and contacting other people who know about the case, such as grandparents, doctors, therapists, or teachers.

The GAL or Child Representative will offer guidance and recommendations to the judge to help them decide on issues involving parenting time and decision-making responsibility. A GAL will usually turn in a written report that contains their suggestions about matters related to child custody. If there is a trial, the GAL may be asked to give witness testimony, and both parents' lawyers will have an opportunity to question them. If a Child Representative is appointed, they usually will not provide a report. However, they can submit a memorandum prior to a trial that will provide information about their investigation and offer suggestions for how children's needs and interests may be addressed. A Child Representative generally will not give testimony during a trial.

Parenting Coordinators

If parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, a judge may order them to engage in mediation, and they will be required to work together with a neutral mediator to attempt to resolve their disagreements. If they are still unable to reach agreements, or if the judge believes that mediation would not be an appropriate solution, a Parenting Coordinator may be appointed.

A Parenting Coordinator's main objective is to settle disagreements between parents while also finding ongoing solutions that will minimize conflict and encourage parents to work together to provide for their children's needs. When working with parents, the coordinator may check to make sure they are in compliance with court orders that have been put in place on a temporary basis, and they may make ongoing reports to the judge regarding any issues that may arise during the case. As parents work to negotiate agreements, the coordinator can facilitate communication, either by helping establish rules the parents will follow or by acting as a third party who can relay messages between the parties.

By working together with the parents, the Parenting Coordinator can help put solutions in place that will help them avoid conflict. This may include providing guidance on potential methods of dispute resolution or suggestions for different forms of outside help that could be beneficial for everyone involved, such as family therapy or parenting classes. Ultimately, the Parenting Coordinator's goal is to help resolve disagreements and ensure that a family has the tools in place that will allow both parents to provide for their children's best interests going forward.

Contact Our Schaumburg Divorce and Child Custody Lawyers

The attorneys of A. Traub & Associates have years of experience helping families with legal disputes, and we can help you figure out the best ways to address issues related to your children. With our experience serving as court-appointed professionals, we can advise you on the best ways to respond in these situations, and we can advocate for solutions that will protect your rights. If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 630-426-0196.

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