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After a divorce, people are often happy to be finished with the legal process and to be done with addressing various types of disputes and other concerns. However, a person or their children may experience changes in their lives after getting divorced, and in some cases, they may believe that their divorce decree may need to be adjusted. To do this, they will need to file a request in court and receive approval from a judge.

A. Traub & Associates can help you draft a petition for modification of your divorce decree or respond to a modification request filed by your ex-spouse. Our number one priority is protecting your interests during this process, and we are prepared to advocate on your behalf every step of the way to make sure you are able to address these issues correctly.

Common Types of Post-Divorce Modifications

Some terms of a divorce decree may be altered after the divorce has been finalized, though decisions made about property division are generally not changeable. Modification requests may address issues such as:

  • Child custody - Either parent can ask for adjustments to be made to the allocation of parental responsibilities, which will address each parent's right to make important child-related decisions. A parent may also file a request to modify the parenting time schedule due to work schedule conflicts, a desire to have more parenting time, or plans to relocate to a new home.
  • Child support - Parents can ask to modify child support payments based on new circumstances related to their finances or the needs of their children. A parent who is seeking a modification will usually need to show there has been a major life change for themselves, the other parent, or one or more children. A parent may ask for their child support obligations to be reduced because they have lost their job or experienced an illness or disability that has affected their income. Adjustments to child support may also be based on children's medical or educational needs. For instance, a child who has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition may require ongoing care, and one parent may ask that child support obligations be adjusted to ensure that the other parent contributes to the child's medical costs.
  • Spousal support - Financial support that a spouse pays to their former partner may be adjusted based on changes in the circumstances of either party. For example, an ex-spouse's marriage to or cohabitation with a new partner may be a reason to terminate the spousal maintenance payments they receive. A person who currently pays spousal support may also ask for payments to be modified or terminated if they have experienced a decrease in income or if the other party no longer needs financial assistance.

Contact a Schaumburg Divorce Modification Lawyer

If you have experienced changes in your life that have affected your financial obligations or other issues related to your divorce, it is important to understand whether you can request changes to your divorce decree. This will not only make sure you will be able to meet your needs going forward, but it can help prevent any penalties for failing to pay financial support or following other orders put in place during your divorce. If you need to update spousal support, child support, or child custody or address other issues, A. Traub & Associates can provide the legal help you need. We can also make sure you respond properly to any modification requests by your ex-spouse. Contact our family law attorneys today by calling 630-426-0196 and scheduling a consultation.

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