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Today, many different types of families exist. The "traditional" family model, in which a man and woman who are married have one or more biological children, is becoming less and less common. The majority of American households are composed differently, and family structures continue to evolve along with society as a whole. However, regardless of how families are composed, the need to protect children's best interests is as important as ever. In situations where someone other than a child's biological parent serves in a parental role, adoption can establish permanent relationships, ensuring that a child's needs will be met and that the rights of parents will be protected.

At A. Traub & Associates, our family law attorneys can address multiple issues related to adoption, and we can ensure that families take the correct steps to protect the rights and interests of everyone involved in a case. If you want to adopt a child as a single parent, a married couple, same-sex partners, or in other situations, we can make sure you meet all applicable legal requirements. We can assist with multiple types of adoptions, and we will guide you through the process so it is as quick and seamless as possible.

Legal Help With Adoption Cases in Schaumburg

When adopting a child, an adoptive parent will be named as the legal parent of the child. This will give them the right to share in child custody in the event of a divorce or separation, while also giving the child the right to receive child support and other benefits from the parent. When the adoption process is completed, one or both of the child's birth parents will have their parental rights terminated. There are many types of adoptions, such as:

  • Step-parent/step-child adoptions - In situations where a parent remarries after a divorce or after their spouse has died, their child may form strong relationships with their step-parent. If the step-parent expects to serve in a permanent parental role, they may formally adopt the child, which will give them equal parental rights and ensure that they can maintain a relationship with their step-child, no matter what may happen in the future. While these types of adoptions can often be completed fairly quickly and easily, some complications may arise if the child's other biological parent is unwilling to voluntarily terminate their parental rights or cannot be located.
  • Private and agency adoptions - In cases where a single person or couple plans to adopt a child, they may consult with an adoption agency, or they may seek out a parent who is willing to give up their child. In these situations, parents will need to meet certain legal requirements to ensure that they can assume legal parentage of the child and that the parental rights of both biological parents will be terminated. Depending on the situation, parents may agree to an "open adoption" that will allow their child to maintain a relationship with their biological parents, or a "closed adoption" may ensure that the identities of the child and the birth parents will be kept confidential.
  • International adoptions - Children from foreign countries may be available to be adopted by parents living in the United States. There are a variety of complicated issues that may need to be addressed in these cases, including complying with state and federal adoption requirements, taking steps to ensure that the child can immigrate to the United States and become a U.S. citizen, and following all applicable laws in the child's country of origin.
  • Same-sex adoptions - LGBTQ+ individuals or couples are permitted to adopt children, but they may encounter complications during the adoption process, and they may need to take additional steps to protect their rights. Same-sex couples may complete a private, international, or other type of adoption, or a step-parent adoption may be appropriate in situations where one partner is a child's biological parent.
  • DCFS adoptions - A person or couple may work with children in the foster care system operated by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), ensuring that children can be cared for properly and live in a safe and healthy environment. In some cases, foster parents will decide to take steps to legally adopt children who have lived with them for a significant period of time. This can provide children with a permanent home and ensure that they can grow up in a loving, supportive environment. However, parents may encounter difficulties during this process as they demonstrate that they can provide for children's best interests, and they may need to overcome objections by the child's birth parents.
  • Related adoptions - Extended family members who have taken on a parental role for children may take steps to legally adopt the children. This will provide them with legal protections and ensure that they can make decisions about how children will be raised, and it will give the children the right to ongoing relationships, financial support, and other benefits.

Contact a Schaumburg Adoption Attorney

Understanding and fulfilling the many legal requirements of adoption can be daunting, but adoptive parents can work with a knowledgeable attorney to ensure that all steps are followed correctly. The lawyers at A. Traub & Associates will explain your rights during the adoption process, help you meet all of your legal obligations, and assist you in resolving any problems that come up along the way. Schedule a confidential consultation by calling 630-426-0196 or contacting us online.

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