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Lawyers Helping Fathers Protect Parental Rights in Schaumburg

Until relatively recently, fathers were expected to be less involved in their children's lives than mothers usually would be. Traditionally, the father's role in a family was to earn income, and the mother would stay at home and take care of domestic responsibilities, including much of the parenting duties toward children. However, attitudes toward raising children and expectations regarding parental duties have changed. In the 21st century, fathers are just as likely as mothers to take an active role in childcare and household responsibilities. Unfortunately, the attitudes and assumptions that are followed by people involved in family law cases may not have caught up to the realities of modern families, and this can sometimes cause fathers to struggle to protect their rights.

Many fathers serve as important parental figures who are actively involved in raising their children, yet they may have difficulty maintaining these roles following a divorce or a child custody dispute. If you are a father who has encountered disputes regarding child custody or related issues, it is crucial to consult with an attorney who understands the challenges you are facing. The lawyers at A. Traub & Associates provide legal help for fathers in family law cases, and we can ensure that you do what is necessary to protect your rights and avoid damage to your relationship with your children. We will walk you through the legal process, and we will provide guidance on how you can resolve disputes effectively and reach agreements that will meet your family's needs going forward.

Addressing Fathers' Concerns in Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Illinois law stipulates that both parents of a child have the right to share decision-making responsibilities for the child, regardless of whether they are married, unmarried, separated, or divorced. When dividing parenting time, both parents will have the right spend regular, reasonable time with their child, and this is true whether parents will share parental responsibilities equally or whether some or all responsibilities will be solely allocated to one parent. The law does not favor either parent, and decisions about child custody and visitation may be based on how parents have handled decision-making and childcare in the past, as well as other factors that affect the child's best interests, such as the parents' ability to cooperate with each other and put the child's needs ahead of their own desires.

Even though fathers are supposed to be treated equally in family law cases, they may sometimes struggle to be given the proper consideration. In many cases, mothers are still viewed as the primary caregivers, and it is assumed that children will live with them the majority of the time. To protect their rights, fathers will need to present evidence and arguments that address any assumptions or biases against them, and a skilled attorney can provide crucial assistance during this process. If necessary, a father may ask for a guardian ad litem or child representative to be appointed to help resolve disputes related to child custody.

Fathers may also sometimes encounter difficulties related to child support payments, especially when it is assumed that they will be the ones to pay financial support to the other parent. The calculations used to determine child support payments in Illinois will take the income that both parents earn into account. If a father has the majority of the parenting time, he may be able to receive child support payments from the mother. Fathers may also need to determine how to divide various child-related expenses between parents, and they may encounter concerns related to their ability to pay child support due to unemployment or other financial issues. It is important to have legal representation in order to ensure that child support orders are fair and reasonable based on the current circumstances of the father, the mother, and the child.

Resolving child-related issues in a way that protects a father's rights can become more complicated and difficult in situations where parents are unmarried. If a father was not presumed to be a child's parent, or if there are any disputes regarding the identity of a child's father, issues related to paternity may need to be resolved. The establishment of legal paternity will protect a father's parental rights, and it will also provide benefits for the child, such as the ability to receive an inheritance or other types of benefits. A father who needs to make sure he has a legal relationship with his child can work with an attorney to ensure that paternity will be established correctly.

Contact a Schaumburg Fathers' Rights Attorney

At A. Traub & Associates, we understand the importance of fathers in their children's lives. If you have questions about how to protect your parental rights as a father, we can provide the answers you are looking for, and we can ensure that you have the legal representation you need to resolve these issues successfully. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you can continue to be the parent your child deserves, no matter what challenges come up along the way. To set up a confidential consultation with one of our experienced attorneys today, call us at 630-426-0196 or contact us online.

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