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Divorce Lawyers For Childcare and Healthcare Expenses in Schaumburg

There are many costs associated with raising children. Married parents will usually combine their incomes and resources to pay different types of child-related expenses. Parents who are no longer married or were never married will also need to determine how they address these costs. While child support obligations will cover some of children's financial needs, parents will also need to address various costs that may not be covered by the basic child support orders put in place in family court.

A. Traub & Associates can help you determine how different types of child-related costs will be addressed during your family law case. We will provide guidance on how child support arrangements may be used to make sure both you and the other parent will share necessary costs. Our legal team will also provide guidance on how parents can modify child support arrangements if necessary in the future to address changes in their circumstances or other financial needs of the children.

Child Support and Children's Expenses

In Illinois, child support will be determined using the income that both you and your spouse or partner earn. The amount used to address basic needs (e.g., food, shelter, clothes) will be divided between the two of you according to how much you each contribute to your combined income. Additional expenses may also be added to these obligations, and the increased amount of child support may address:

  • Childcare - When both parents work outside the home, children may go to a daycare center or receive care from providers such as nannies or babysitters during the day. Expenses for childcare that is necessary during parents' work hours may be shared by both parents, and the amount a parent will be required to pay will be based on their percentage of the parents' total amount of income.
  • Healthcare - To cover the costs of doctor appointments, prescription medications, dental care, and vision checkups, parents will usually be required to include children on an insurance plan. Parents may divide the costs of monthly insurance premiums for this coverage, and either or both parents may also be required to contribute to other necessary medical or health-related expenses. For example, co-pays for prescriptions or doctor visits may be shared, or parents may divide costs related to glasses or other corrective lenses
  • Children's activities - Children may participate in multiple types of extracurricular activities, and parents may share the expenses involved, including fees and equipment for sports programs, music lessons, dance classes, gymnastics, or other programs that are available in children's schools and community. As with other types of expenses addressed in child support obligations, the costs may be divided between parents in proportion to the incomes they earn. To ensure that expenses related to extracurricular activities will be reasonable, a child support order may limit the amount that a parent will be required to pay each year, or it may require both parents to approve different types of expenses.

Contact a Schaumburg Child Support Lawyer for Child-Related Expenses

Child support will address many of the expenses associated with raising children, but there may be additional costs that need to be considered during family law proceedings. By understanding the various costs involved and how they may change in the future, parents can be prepared to address their children's changing needs. The skilled attorneys of A. Traub & Associates can assist you in determining what types of expenses may be shared and how they will become part of your child support obligations. To learn more about how we can help you resolve issues related to child support, child custody, and more, contact us at 630-426-0196 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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